Link Roundup! HuffPost, FastCo, and Elsewhere

I’ve been adapting book excerpts for a few places lately, so here’s a quick rundown.

For the Huffington Post, I wrote about how to get along with irritating coworkers.

For FastCompany, I talked about gracefully dodging blame for another person’s work mistake and how to take feedback from a boss you don’t like.

For Simon & Schuster’s advice newsletter, I explain how to “un-bust your ass” and successfully achieve work/life balance.

And last but not least, I offered a primer on salary negotiation for Working Mother magazine (applicable to parents and nonparents alike).

If you’re still wanting more after that wealth of linkage, how about some interviews? You can learn how I became Businesslady in my alma mater’s alumni magazine and read about my writing process on LadyBossBlogger.

That’s all for now, but a new column’s coming this week—stay tuned!