Working Hard, or Over-Working?

I’m doing a FREE workshop on Wednesday, October 18th, at 6pm, through the University of Chicago Graham School. It’s in downtown Chicago (and in-person attendees get the added benefit of cheese and cookies) but also open to online participants. Click here to register. And if you’re not convinced yet, the full description is below.

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Workshop: Working Hard or Over-Working?

We all face stress and frustration in the course of our working lives, so how can you determine how much is too much? Some people have a higher tolerance than others, but everyone has a limit. When so many success stories entail “going above and beyond,” it can be hard to feel confident saying enough is enough. In this workshop, you’ll learn strategies to prevent burnout and techniques for effective and appropriate self-advocacy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create scripts that allow you to push back against unreasonable demands
  • Understand which battles are worth fighting and which are a waste of energy
  • Learn time-management tools to minimize your stress.
  • Develop methods to make your work visible and maximize your professional reputation

Come join me, it’s gonna be fun!