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One of my dad’s favorite sayings is, “the worse the experience, the better the story.”

Let’s test that theory.

I’m giving away copies of my book in exchange for tales of epic professional mistakes.

To enter the contest, send me a story of Work Gone Wrong: instructive, embarrassing, hilarious, scary, or any combination thereof.

You can submit using the contact form, via email, or however you can manage to get in touch with me.

I’ll choose five winners based on empirical criteria of “good story”-ness (by which I mean, whichever ones I find most compelling). Knowing my readers, there’ll probably be more than five worth sharing, so I expect to dole out some honorable mentions as well.

The deadline is Friday, March 31st. I’ll announce winners on Monday, April 3rd.

You’ll be able to read the winning advice here and across my other online presences.

(If you send me something, I’ll assume you’re fine with me sharing it with the world—with or without attribution, your choice—and possibly editing it for clarity/length.)

Now send me your stories! What’s the worst that could happen? 🙂